INSPIRE CCM welcomes a testimonial about a personal experience you have had while a loved one was in
the Intensive Care Unit, and how a practice of coordinated compassionate critical care has (or you believe could have) made a difference in the outcome of your loved one’s illness.


Dear Dr. Hadian,

I am pleased to know about your very valuable organization. Based on my experience in hospitals and talking to colleagues and friends,I am convinced that INSPIRE CCM will potentially save many lives. Even if it can save only one life, it is worth all of your efforts and hard work.

Good Luck!

– Abe Assadi
Assistant Professor, DLIFLC



I think this is great and very inspiring to know that there are people like you in this world who try and make things better, and take actions for what you believe in. I appreciate your work. Please, keep up the good work to raise awareness, and to make sure when we or our loved ones are in need of ICU care, there are qualified doctors there to take care of us.

– Bethany Woods


Dear Dr. Hadian,

It was no accident you came into our lives. The care you showed towards my dear friend Christian and to his family and friends who loved him has left a lasting impression on us all. Ever the consummate physician. INSPIRE is appropriate-as we are inspired and in awe of your next step. Christian, himself a physician dedicated to quality patient care, had debated between Yale Law school and Duke Medical school ultimately choosing medicine. He would have loved to have known his physician advocating the best care possible for the most vulnerable patients, the critically ill, and I have no doubt he would have supported the cause wholeheartedly.

Thank you Dr. Hadian for bringing awareness to compassionate care in critical care medicine and for living the dedicated courageous life.

– Hannah H. Kim, MD



I am inspired by the purpose of INSPIRE CCM and what seems to be a critical need for making sure that all critically ill patients get the best care they deserve, for I do not know when or where I or my loved ones will need such care, and I want to be sure I or my loved ones receive a coordinated care led by a critical care expert.

I have to admit that I never knew that there was a specialty called Critical Care Medicine, and that those doctors are specialized in taking care of very sick patients. It seems to me having those specialists available to coordinate the care in the ICU of every hospital is just the most logical thing, and a right thing, to do.

I want to do all I can to help bring awareness to the public to make sure all of us get the best care we need, whenever and wherever we need it.

– Nazanin Bagheri, A California Resident



Recently relocating from Florida to Los Angeles, I’ve been a registered nurse for ten years. I’ve experienced many “code” situations in my time. Those situations in which a patient needs immediate medical attention in order to avoid possible death…

At 0535 am one morning while working at Cedars Sinai, a patient I was caring for, began to rapidly go “down hill.” The hospital emergency response was initiated with assigned staff rushing to the room to assist. A flury of 15 to 20 respiratory therapists, nurses, interns, and the on-call, in-house, Intensivist/Critical Care doctor.

By 0605, the patient was being rushed down the hall to an ICU bed in another part of the hospital. In all of my years, I have never witnessed a physician who was as cool-headed, skilled and decisive, as Dr. Hadian was at that moment. While she took immediate control of the situation, it was done in a dignified and caring manner.

If the non-medical person could observe a stellar, flawless, code situation, this was it.

Dr. Hadian has left a lasting impression of physician excellence in a crisis situation. It is an event I will never forget.

– Terri Holliday, RN


Thinking of you [Dr. Hadian] and sending thoughts of love and gratitude your way. There are not enough superlatives to express my gratitude and admiration for all you did for Christian and your fierce and heroic efforts to prolong his life. And thank you for continuing to embrace me after his death. You embody the essence of the ethics of life and death decisions. I am perenially indebted and honor you as a physician and friend as is due to you.
– Wiki Erickson
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