Why Inspire CCM?

INSPIRE CCM was formed to raise public awareness about the practice of Critical Care Medicine. Due to the nature of critical illness, every moment counts. Delays can have grave consequences, and immediate actions are often lifesaving. Therefore, when physicians are available and exclusively assigned to take care of ICU patients on a 24/7 basis, patients do better. Such practice models can save lives, because doctors are immediately available to treat the critically ill from the moment of admission to the Intensive Care Unit and throughout the course of the ICU stay.

This is consistent with the philosophy upon which the Society of Critical Care Medicine was founded 40 years ago; to make sure that critically ill patients receive the “Right Care, Right Now.” When ICU care is delivered in such coordinated manner by a multi-disciplinary team approach supported by hospital administration and medical staff, it significantly improves patients’ chance of surviving critical illnesses. Furthermore, when it is clear that treatment becomes ineffective and death is inevitable, such coordinated care prevents the unnecessary physical and emotional burdens inflicted on patients and their families by focusing on patient comfort and a peaceful dying process.

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